10 Most Talented NFL Teams

Here is recent news on American football: NFL Media’s Bucky Brooks breaks down a list of “Top 10 Most Talented Teams“. Check out the full list below to see if your favorite team is on it.

1) Seattle Seahawks

2) Pittsburgh Steelers

3) Carolina Panthers

4) Denver Broncos

5) Minnesota Vikings

6) Kansas City Chiefs

7) Cincinnati Bengals

8) Arizona Cardinals

9) New York Giants

10) Dallas Cowboys

You can check this video here to learn more.

NFL TeamsWhen building a championship roster, the process requires a team who will excel in two key areas: player development and player acquisition.

Coaches and general managers must collaborate to find the right guys for the schemes utilized on each side of the ball. The next thing to do is to make sure each and every player can improve their skills and work on their strengths so they can shine in the team.

Would you like to know the top 10 NFL teams that are most likely to bounce back this year? Check this video out:

Football Protective Gear Types and How To Wear Them

Football Gear
Players with full protective gear in action.

Protective gear is necessary in every sport. When it comes to American Football, every player will tell you that it’s extremely important to wear the right football gear to protect yourself on the field. It’s not an option, it’s mandatory. You need to wear the right sports protective gear before you engage in any type of athletics or training. These protective gears prevent you from contracting injury, and allow you to enjoy the game without any bruises or wound.

You can perform excellently in any sport, as long as you wear good quality gear. For instance, football visors protect your eyes as you play this intense sport. Headgears and kneepads are also some of the other protective gears that athletes need to wear when they play a particular sport. Read along and find additional information about the types of sports protective gear, as well the uses of each.

Types of Protective Gear


This is one of the most vital pieces of protective equipment used in sports such as football, hockey, rugby, and biking. The headgear comes with a chinstrap that prevents it from being knocked off during the game. Depending on the sport, the size and material for this type of sports protective gear may vary. The rules of the game include specific requirements on the weight and density of the headgear. Football helmet protects your head when having impact with other players. The visor improves your vision in the sunlight. There are many types of visors for football helmets. One of the best companies out there is SHOC, an Australian company who produces high quality visors. If your helmet does not come with a visor, you need to purchase one to insert to your helmet.

Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is an important protective gear required in most sports that include contact or collision of team players. It is essential to wear a mouth guard to reduce the impact on the teeth when a player is hit on the face. Mouthpieces are available in different types. There are mouth guards that use technology that injects or adds air cells into a mold. This type of mouthpiece has additional cushion that can withstand a great deal of impact.

Shoulder Pads

Athletes who play football, rugby, or hockey wear shoulder pads. This sports protective gear is ideal for those who wear uniform where their shoulders are completely covered. Shoulder pads cover the collarbone areas and shoulders, and the thickness of the pads required may vary depending on the sport.

Gloves or Mitts

Golf players, mountaineers, baseball players, and rugby athletes usually wear gloves or mitts. This protective gear covers the athlete’s fingertips, while some gloves may reach past the person’s wrists. There is thick padding on the gloves for excellent protection on the palms of the hand.

American Football

Uses of Football Protective Gear

Any sports protective gear comes with essential functions and uses. For instance, the headgear prevents athletes from having head injury or any bruises on their head. During contact in any type of sport, the head requires special attention because of fatal conditions that head injuries may cause.

Gloves are also important in most sports, so the athlete can have a better grip of sports equipmentsuch as a baseball bat or hockey stick. The padding protects the palms and the fingers from contracting any type of fracture or injury. Other protective gears used in sports include kneepads, shoulder pads, elbow pads and shin guard. These essential pieces of sports equipment protect the different parts of the body from any intense collision or contact with another player or item used in playing the sport.

Finally, you need to know how to put on the protective gear on your body. Here’s a great tutorial video that shows you how to do so.

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